Fit Frenzy!

Mila Kunis’ Dangerous Post-Baby Diet

‘Black Swan’ star sheds bump in scary-skinny quest!

mila kunis pregnancy diet
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New mom Mila Kunis is frantically trying to whip herself in to pre-baby shape, but an insider says that shedding pounds has been brutal.

“Mila’s been eating 1,200 calories a day, and working out like crazy,” the source told The National ENQUIRER. “She wants to lose about 30 pounds total.”1

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The actress — who gave birth to son Dimitri on Nov. 30 — slimmed down to a stick-thin 95 pounds for 2010’s “Black Swan” by smoking cigarettes and slashing her calorie intake.

Now the “Bad Moms” star is going a more sensible route, hiring a food-delivery service to ship ready-made meals to her home.

“It’s no fun, and Mila’s pretty miserable,” the source reported.

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“She’s breast-feeding so that’s helping her lose weight, but it’s definitely taking the spunk out of her,” dished the source. “She’s exhausted all the time.”

To make matters worse, supportive husband Ashton Kutcher  continues to pig out in her presence!

Spilled the source: “It’s not fair that Ashton can eat anything he wants, and not gain an ounce!”