Richard Johnson, Mike Walker, Geraldo Rivera

The ENQUIRER’s very own MIKE WALKER is feted at book launch hosted by GERALDO RIVERA at posh Ivy Bar & Grill in Manhattan.

The occasion – the publication of the best-selling gossip king’s new tome – a fun-filled tale of terror about a vampire gossip columnist.

As a jazz quartet created the smooth jazz vibe eerily reminiscent of New Orleans Bourbon Street, Mike explained the secret origin of his latest masterpiece — “Out For Blood: Private Diary of A Gossip Vampire”.

 “Gossip columnists work at night getting all the latest in tasty tidbits from their sources. You know who else is out at night? Vampires!” Mike revealed.

“So I thought to myself – a vampire gossip columnist – now that’s got possibilities!”  

Throwing the wild shindig for The Enquirer’s King of Gossip was the host with the most – TV journo supreme Geraldo Rivera.

Gotham’s finest purveyors of gossip – blood brothers one all — the New York Post’s Page Six “maestro” Richard Johnson, and the strictly “hush-hush” Lachlan Cartwright from the Daily News’ Confidenti@l were also held in thrall by the legendary wordsmith.

As Mike held court signing books for his adoring public, he sipped what appeared to be red wine.

At least – that’s what we think it was.  

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