Mickey Rourke blames ALL his problems on his abusive step-dad and claims a priest helped him see the light!

"My stepfather used to crack my head just because he felt like it," the Oscar winner revealed. "He was physically abusive to my mother. I hated the f***er for hurting her, for making her afraid. For years, I wanted nothing more than to take him down.

"When I was an adult, I would fight everywhere, anywhere, for anything, I think it was related to my stepfather. I was drinking and taking drugs. I was angry and crazy and ashamed. I’d been kicked around a lot, so I figured the way to fix this was to lash out."

But luckily Rourke, 57, found salvation and deep sixed his dependence on booze and drugs, he says.

"One day I looked in the mirror and I saw myself the way others saw me. I scared the f**k out of myself.

"I did see a priest for a while, a great one who stopped me from blowing my brains out. We’d go in the basement, he’d pour me a glass of wine, we’d smoke cigarettes, and then we’d pray.

"But I needed a shrink too, so I forced myself to go," The Wrestler star divulged. “I had to learn not to let people push my buttons, find out what was triggering all this rage, and stop throwing things away.’