MICK JAGGER has gone from “Jump­ing Jack Flash” to “Great-grandpa” – just don’t call him that!

At the age of 70, the rock legend is back on tour with the Rolling Stones after taking a two-month break following the death of his longtime girlfriend, designer L’Wren Scott, and sources say he’s made it clear to everyone NOT to call him great-granddad.

“Mick hates it,” said a source close to the star. “He goes into a rage if you call him that, and then he’s in the dumps.

“It makes him feel ancient, and it’s hard for him to get up for a show and shake his tail out there if someone calls him great-grandpappy!”

Mick recently got the new title courtesy of granddaughter Assisi Lola Jackson, 21, who gave birth to a baby girl in mid-May. The baby’s father is Alex Key, 25, a chef.

Assisi, whose mother is Mick’s daugh­ter Jade, has a small home­opathy business. Ironically, Jade, 42, is also due to deliver – so Mick will also be a grandpa again soon!

“I imagine it’s nice to be a great-granddad — although I’m not sure he likes the idea of getting old, or being called one,” Assisi recently said. “I call him Mick – I wouldn’t start calling him ‘Grandpa.’ ”

And it seems Jade, whose mother is Mick’s first wife, Bianca, doesn’t see Mick’s new status as a big deal.

“I think making Mick a grandfather obviously had a big impact,” she told a reporter. “Making him a great-grandfather is no longer particularly interesting.”