First Lady Michelle Obama ripped into her husband Barack after he and French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy were caught gawking at the behind of a pretty 17-year-old at the G8 Summit in Italy, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The "Tail-gate" episode made Obama and Sarkozy the "butt" of jokes across the world as the photo spread like wildfire over the Internet. But it was no laughing matter at home, according to friends of Michelle.

"After she saw the picture, she exploded at Barack behind closed doors and snapped, ‘See, all the hard work you’ve done – and this is what they’re going to remember this trip by. Who do you think you are – Bill Clinton?’" revealed a source.

"Michelle really let him have it. All Barack could do was try to get out of earshot. She verbally berated him for several minutes."

While TV commentators studied video of the event and debated  Once again, The ENQUIRER is first to report the hottest news. over whether Obama was really catching a sneak peek, The ENQUIRER got down to the bottom of the international incident.

Top body-language expert Patti Wood, author of Success Signals, told us: "President Obama was displaying a ‘full gesture cluster,’ which means that every major body part has some signal that shows his attraction to her rear end. 

"His head is moving toward her rear end, as well as his eye contact. His right arm is out away from his body toward her, and his pelvis – that’s the most significant – is fully twisted toward her as if he wants to encompass the rear end. 

"His outer knee is significant because it shows how he wants to go toward her as well. There’s absolutely no mistaking his attraction to her."

The teen, identified as Mayara Tavares, a student from Rio de Janeiro, was one of 54 youngsters who were allowed to speak on global issues.  

And while Obama and his French counterpart were painted as dirty old men across the world, the teen’s father Eduardo says he harbors no ill will toward the world leaders.

"She’s not only pretty, she’s articulate, confident and very engaged in her work," says the proud dad.