Michelle Obama – cracking under the pressure of being First Lady – is drinking way more than she should, friends fear.

Longtime pals have been keeping a close eye on her White House booze intake for months, sources told The ENQUIRER, and her husband President Barack Obama even stepped in when she recently consumed too much alcohol.

"When Barack saw Michelle drink more than she should at a recent dinner, he hit the roof. He told  her, ‘This is NOT going to turn into a problem!’" a close source told The ENQUIRER.

"Barack is overly sensitive to the issue because of his own past drinking and substance abuse problems. But he also feels guilty because of the pictures taken of him drinking beer at an NBA game recently."

The President also feels he may have contributed to his wife’s alcohol issues by not stopping her from overindulging during their date night in New York City on May 30.

Michelle, 45, knocked back "a glass or two of champagne" while the couple flew to the Big Apple on a private jet, according to the close source, and published reports said she downed two martinis during dinner at the Greenwich Village restaurant Blue Hill.

"It was clear that Mrs. Obama was having a VERY good time," a restaurant employee told The ENQUIRER.

"There’s a real fear that she may be drinking more than she should as a result of the pressures that come along with being First Lady," an insider divulged.

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