Furious Michelle Obama has declared war on Oprah Winfrey – saying she has proof the talk-show titan is plotting with Hillary Clinton to take the White House from her husband.

"Michelle claims Oprah is a political traitor who has switched her loyalties from President Obama to Hillary and is planning to support her in the next presidential election," divulged a source.

"The president refuses to believe Oprah would turn on him, but Michelle says her sources overheard conversations in which Oprah promised she would throw her money and influence behind Hillary if she decides to run."

Michelle is convinced Oprah believed her help getting Obama elected would be repaid by having very close ties to the White House and being an adviser to the first family, according to the source.

"Instead she has been invited only three times, and two of them were for interviews."

Oprah believes she played a major role in getting the president elected and expects the first family to be grateful, says the source.

"Although Michelle appreciates that Oprah endorsed her husband, she considers her role minor. And the first lady resents that Oprah flirted with Barack – trying to make people think she was way closer to him than she really was.

"Michelle knew they weren’t having an affair, but it was as though Oprah wanted people to wonder."

During Oprah’s initial White House interview with the first lady, the frostiness in the air was clearly visible – and the talk queen left "seething," says the source.

"Oprah has admitted to friends she feels betrayed and used. She has never supported a politician before and expected at least to be respected.

"Hillary immediately picked up on what was going on and made a move to win over Oprah. They quickly bonded and became good friends.

"Now Oprah wishes she had thrown her support to Hillary in the primaries."

Hillary, now serving as secretary of state, will challenge the president in upcoming primaries if his popularity continues to decline, according to the source.

 "But Barack subscribes to the idea you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer – and gave Hillary the job despite Michelle’s angry protests. Now Michelle is doing a major ‘told you so.’

"She is insisting Hillary be fired and Oprah banned permanently from the White House.

"Barack is very reluctant to start a war with the two women, especially with all the other problems he has on his plate. But Michelle is spoiling for a fight and says if he won’t confront the two ‘plotters,’ as she calls them, she will!

"Hillary and Oprah are certainly not shy about taking on the first lady. If Michelle wants a fight, they will happily step into the ring with her."