Michael Phelps Blamed For Sex Swap Lover’s Suicide Bid!

Phelps short

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ “intersex” gal pal has tried to kill herself — and she claims he drove her to it! In a bombshell exclusive, Taylor Lianne Chandler told The National ENQUIRER she wanted to end her life because she felt the gold medal hero was ashamed of her!

“Michael was the reason I attempted suicide,” Taylor, 43, told The ENQUIRER. “He has never denied our relationship, but he’s never publicly acknowledged it, which hurts worse.”

As The ENQUIRER reported, Michael’s former girlfriend was born a man!

At the time, his “lady” love divulged that while she hid her gender-bender secret when they were sexually intimate, she was anxious to get together again with Michael, 30.

The two never reconnected, and since their alleged relationship became public, Taylor’s life has spun out of control.

She lost her job as a Washington, D.C.-based interpreter and moved to Florida. To make ends meet, she filmed a porn movie, and now stars on her own Vivid webcam channel.

When another romance ended in October, she hit rock bottom.

“I was in pain, and felt I had no reason to live,” said Taylor. “After being depressed for several days, on Oct. 14 I took about 50 morphine tablets, Ambien, Xanax and Valium.”

The next morning, in a drug-induced haze, she called a friend.

The friend rushed to her house, found her unable to move or talk, and called 911.

After a stint in rehab, she’s now in therapy and trying to come to terms with her relationship with Michael.

“I’m still not over him,” Taylor said. “I would like to talk to him one last time to have closure. But now I realize he isn’t worth dying over.”

– Alan Butterfield