Hollywood superstar Michael Douglas is struggling through his sad last days, sources have told The National ENQUIRER.

At 70, the Oscar-winning “Wall Street” actor has fallen into a deep depression over his failing marriage, jailed son and dying dad.

In telltale photos obtained by The ENQUIRER, Michael appeared pale and at least 30 pounds lighter. A witness who spotted the star and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones on vacation in Honduras on March 20 said he “looked like a shell of his former self – he was white as a ghost. He looked sickly!”

A family friend from Bedford, N.Y., where the couple owns a country home, told The ENQUIRER: “Michael’s become gaunt and frail, and his once distinguished salt-and-pepper hair has turned snow white.

“He’s a far cry from his rough-and-tumble days as a macho screen hunk. There’s fear he’s battling a secret depression.”

Michael’s life-and-death battle with Stage 4 tongue cancer in 2010 has aged him 20 years, insiders said.

The veteran star underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which caused him to lose 32 pounds.

“Michael looks emaciated again. He’s obviously not eating, and the stress from his troubled marriage has clearly added to his woes,” said the family friend.

In March 2013, The ENQUIRER exclusively detailed the bombshell that the couple – who wed in 2000 despite a 25-year age gap – had secretly split in a “trial separation,” amid fears they were headed for a $300 million divorce. Five months later, their reps confirmed the breakup. They later reconciled for the sake of their children – Dylan, now 14, and Carys, 12.

Adding to their problems is 45-year-old Catherine’s bipolar II disorder, which led the Welsh-born beauty to seek treatment services at a psychiatric hospital.

Said the source: “There are good days and bad days – and when it gets the better of her, she flies off on one of her uncontrollable rages. Michael is an easy target.”

Meanwhile, the imprisonment of drug-dealer son Cameron, with first wife Diandra Luker, also has Michael down in the dumps.

Cameron, 36, had been in solitary confinement at Maryland’s Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland for nearly two years following a drug relapse in jail. He is scheduled for release in 2017.

“It’s simply devastated Michael. He thinks about Cam every day … and fears he won’t make it out alive from prison,” said the source.

Michael is also grappling with the inevitable demise of his 98-year-old dad, movie legend Kirk Douglas.

“Kirk’s been the rock that’s always held the Douglas family together,” added the family pal. “Without him around any longer to be the guiding light, Michael could very well lose his bearings.”