MICHAEL DOUGLAS  is heartbroken over his son Cameron’s extended prison sentence is  incensed with the pretty female defense attor­ney who allegedly smuggled drugs into jail for the troubled young man, say insiders.

Jennifer Ridha, who was hired to defend the “Wall Street” star’s 33-year-old son, reportedly became smitten with Cameron and hid powerful anti-anxiety Xanax pills in her bra during an attorney-client meeting with him.

Michael – along with his gorgeous actress wife Catherine Zeta-Jones – now blames Jennifer after a no-nonsense judge recently extended Cameron’s sentence by 4 1/2 years for possessing drugs in prison, say sources.

Cameron had already begun serving a five-year term for peddling meth and cocaine at a New York City hotel, along with heroin possession.

“Michael is furious, and Catherine feels the same, that the woman lawyer who was hired to help Cam ended up causing him new trouble behind bars,” revealed a close source. “And she wasn’t severely punished for sneaking him drugs.”

Confirmed an insider:“They’re angry that Jennifer was not charged with anything while Cam is going to be behind bars for nearly a decade!”

Judge Richard Berman cited the pills-in-bra smug­gling incident and said Cameron had proven himself “reckless, disruptive and noncompliant.”

Incredibly, the judge’s sentence was twice as long as what the pros­ecutors wanted, and Berman told Cameron he had “blown the biggest opportunity of his life.”

Cameron’s mom, Michael’s ex-wife Diandra, called the sen­tence “harsh…Cameron was used because of his famous name.”