MICHAEL CAINE’s amazing confession – he ‘taught’ Russian KGB agents how to be better spies!

During the late 1960s, Russian leader Vladimir Putin when he was in the KGB would chill with his spy comrades studying Caine’s classic Harry Palmer flicks like “The Ipcress File”

 "A friend of mine met Putin and he was head of the KGB then and he said, 'Tell Mr. Caine we used to watch those movies and laugh because he was such a clever spy and we were never that clever," Caine divulged.

"James Bond was so obvious he couldn't possibly be a spy because he drew so much attention to himself.

“My spy is the ordinary guy doing his own shopping in the supermarket.

“There is a reality to it."

A reality that Russkie spy babe Anna Chapman never quite mastered. 

She was caught and booted from the US.