REAL HOUSEWIVES of MIAMI star ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA is hiding a shocking secret – her ex-husband and the father of her two sons is a convicted cocaine dealer, smuggler and a registered sex offender!

The ENQUIRER has dug into Alexia’s scandalous past and discovered that the self-styled "Cuban Barbie" was once heavily involved in the South Beach drug and party scene.

The shapely blonde had close ties with notorious drug kingpins Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta, who are currently in federal prison for running the largest coke-smuggling enterprise in Florida history.
Alexia’s ex-husband Pedro Luis Rosello was part of Falcon and Magluta’s drug operation – responsible for bringing more than 75 tons of cocaine into the U.S. valued at more than $2.1 billion in the 1980s.

Rosello was convicted of cocaine smuggling in 1992 and sentenced to 24 years in federal prison, although he was released after serving just four-and-a-half years.

Rosello was arrested again in 2007 for sexual battery on a minor and was sentenced to 12 years probation. Now 45, Rosello spoke candidly to The ENQUIRER about his criminal past and his relationship with 43-year-old Alexia.

"I was married to Alexia, and both of her boys, Peter and Frankie, are mine. I still see her all the time," he divulged.

And Rosello – who refuses to talk about his ex-wife’s new TV show – freely admits that the two were heavy drug users in the 1980s, when cocaine use was prevalent among South Beach partiers.

"Who the hell didn’t do drugs back in the ’80s? Sure, Alexia did drugs. Who wasn’t dirty back then?" he said.

A friend who knew Alexia during that time revealed to The ENQUIRER: "Pedro and Alexia lived a ridiculously wild and filthy-rich lifestyle, with new high-end cars, Lotuses, Ferraris, flashy cigarette boats, posh South Beach apartments and clubbing every night.

"I used cocaine many times with Alexia. We would go to the ladies’ room and cut lines out on a mirror. It was very wild – nonstop partying."

When asked how much money he earned as a cocaine smuggler, Rosello laughed and said: "Let’s say a lot!"

The couple got married in January of 1992, but only a few months later Rosello was arrested.

In 1996, with Rosello languishing in prison, the couple divorced, although Alexia continued to see him after his release later that year.

In 2007, Rosello was arrested after having sex with an underage girl he had met at a nightclub. The girl had ID that said she was 21, claimed Rosello, who is unrepentant about the offense.

"It was a one-night stand. Her parents had me arrested," he explained. "Things happen."