The son of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn who disappeared during the Viet Nam war has been found, searchers claim.

The son of the Robin Hood star, Sean Flynn,  who made a name for himself as a combat press photographer after a brief film career, vanished with fellow war correspondent Dana Stone in 1970 during the invasion of Cambodia.

Flynn then 28 and Stone were captured by Khmer Rougecommunist guerillas after riding their Honda motorcycles up to the guards.  They believed they would be captured and then released.  They weren't.

The remains were found by two bone hunters and the remains sent to Hawaii-based Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, which identifies missing Americans from past wars, The Times UK reported. 

But longtime Flynn pal Tim Page who was fictionalized on film as a crazed photog in Apocalypse Now played by Dennis Hopper is highly suspect of the find.

"It was not a forensic dig: they used an excavator and uncovered a full set of remains, which they removed from the site," Page said.

Flynn's mother, former actress, Lili Damita, spent a fortune trying to discover what had happened to her son, finally declaring him dead in 1984.

Before reinventing himself as a combat cameraman, Flynn capitalized on his father Errol's fame  by appearing in the swashbuckler Son of Captain Blood and several spaghetti westerns in the early 1960s.

NY Times reporter Jeffrey Meyers, author of Inherited Risk:Errol Flynn and Sean Flynn in Hollywood and  Vietnam wrote about Sean's Paris home which was sealed for more than 20 years.

"It is the home of someone who left in a big hurry – the wardrobe doors are wide open and there are two cigarettes in the ashtray. But the clothes on these hangers are from another age and the cigarettes were smoked 20 years ago, the last time Sean Flynn, handsome son of the film heart-throb Errol, left his Paris flat chasing the deadliest drug of all, danger."

Tim King, an Iraq and Afghan war correspondent, wrote at www.salem-news.com, "Sean Flynn's movie actor father, Errol Flynn, was loved by millions. In spite of that fact, and his fantastic acting ability, he was in reality probably far closer to scoundrel than hero in his personal life.

"Sean Flynn was the opposite. He didn't live his life from behind a set, he lived it extreme real time.

"Sean Flynn picked up a weapon and fought when the Americans he was with were overrun."

King also posted pics of Sean Flynn's long-sealed apartment on his MySpace page which can be seen HERE:

POP FYI: Sean appears in the seminal book on Nam Dispatches by Michael Herr which was one of the inspirations for Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket .