Mike Walker

Meryl Streep Grins & Bears A Big Fat Compliment

Grace under fire with an unflattering fan!

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Mike Walker Reports… What’s not to love about Meryl Streep, right?

Filming on a MadHatten street, Meryl got gob-smacked when a fortyish woman scurried up and gushed breathlessly: “Thank you … for being fat!”

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Meryl, jaw agape and struck speechless, was bowled over as the woman launched into a torrent of compliments, lauding the Oscar mega- winner for NOT looking like every other paper-thin actress by keeping … “plump!”

Said My Fashion Spy: “This woman, who was very articulate, told Meryl, ‘You know, I want to thank you for remaining a little on the zaftig side so you can play real women!

“I hate all these plastic model types who try and pretend they’re not real – like you and me!’

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“Looking on the verge of collapse — but beaming big-time — Meryl grabbed the woman’s hand and told her, ‘That’s exactly why I do it!’”