Rob Shuter

Melissa McCarthy Ready To Take Off As Super-Sized Superhero

Actress reportedly getting wooed for latest blockbuster!

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Rob Shuter reports… Big-time comic Melissa McCarthy is set to follow “Ghostbuster” co-star Kristen Wiig into superhero territory — with the story of a plus-sized superheroine coming to the big screen!

Sony Pictures is looking to Melissa about starring in the live-action film based on the hit comic book “Faith,” which is set to ride a big wave of inclusiveness.

“After the success of ‘Black Panther,’” said an industry insider, “studios have realized that diversity onscreen can result in big box-office success.”

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Kristen is currently cast as lead villainess Cheetah in the upcoming ’80s-set “Wonder Woman” sequel.

Melissa, meanwhile, would be starring as a sci-fi nerd who lives out her superhero life as a flying beauty who can create force fields.

“A plus-size superheroine would be an inspiration for both men and women,’” said the insider, “and no one would be better at playing the breakout role than Melissa!”