Melanie Griffith’s Hands Raise a Red Flag

EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Griffith Seems to Continue her Battle With Skin Cancer as Seen With lots of Big Bruises to her Extremities

Former screen beauty Melanie Griffith is a marked woman!

The aging actress, who’s suffered from skin cancer, set off alarm bells after being spotted with painful-looking red blotches on her hands.

“Everyone is wondering what’s going on with Melanie’s scary-looking hands,” says an insider. “She may say she’s getting it checked out, but it doesn’t look good. She’s had issues with skin cancer before, and the fear is it’s come back.”

Florida-based Dr. Gabe Mirkin — who hasn’t treated Griffith — says the blotches appear to be the result of treatment for a condition called actinic keratosis.

“Actinic keratoses are pre-cancers on the skin,” Mirkin tells The National ENQUIRER. “They are usually treated with liquid nitrogen sprays, which destroy them. It appears she had a whole bunch of actinic keratoses on her hands. The doctor just sprayed liquid nitrogen on them for a few seconds, and she got red hemorrhages [bleeding] and loss of superficial skin, which can heal by itself, usually with no scarring whatsoever.”

“Dermatologists are making a fortune by spraying these superficial skin pre-cancers.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the 64-year-old Working Girl star has endured a frightening problem with skin cancer. In 2009, she had surgery to remove early stages of the disease from her face. But it came back in 2017, and the treatment caused ugly bruising to her nose.

“Melanie takes skin care very seriously,” says the insider. “Her friends just hope this latest flare-up goes away with treatment.”