'Straighten Up!'

Melanie Griffith Gets Famous Ex To Rehab — Again!

Fading star gets a boost from former wife!

melanie griffith rehab husband steven bauer
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Melanie Griffith pushed her druggie ex-hubby, Steven Bauer, into rehab again — and sources say it likely saved the “Scarface” actor’s life!

“Stephen has type 2 diabetes and pancreas problems, and he was still doing a lot of drugs — mostly cocaine, which he’d been doing since at least the early ’80s,” a snitch told The National ENQUIRER.

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“Melanie recognized that if Stephen didn’t get help fast, he was going to die!”

The producers of Steven’s hit Showtime series, “Ray Donovan,” were also worried about their cast member.

The insider added that bosses had told the 59-year-old actor “to straighten up or he’d be off the show!”