When it comes to love, newly single Melanie Griffith has set her sights high!

She’s targeted space billionaire Elon Musk as her next boyfriend, sources have told The National ENQUIRER.

The high-tech dynamo, 43, founded the space exploration company, SpaceX, and sources said he caught Melanie’s eye after his divorce from actress Talulah Riley, 29, was recently filed.

“Melanie has asked a friend to set them up, and she’s been getting messages to Elon that she’s interested,” revealed a close friend.

The 57-year-old “Working Girl” star is getting dating advice from another recent divorcée – Kris Jenner! “Kris told her to ‘shoot for the moon’ in her love life,” according to a close pal. “So Melanie took her advice literally and started flirting with Elon!”

Melanie has been divorced from ex-“Miami Vice” heartthrob Don Johnson twice, and “Scarface” star Steven Bauer.

Her recent divorce from skirt-chaser Antonio Banderas turned bitter, and friends said Melanie is looking for a more mature man who can introduce her to a different kind of star.

“Melanie wants someone who isn’t so reliant on her,” a friend added.

“She helped Antonio learn so many aspects of American culture, and now she wants a guy who can teach her. She’s had enough of good-looking guys.

“Now she wants somebody with a brain.”