Mike Walker

Meghan Markle Dumps Her Trademark Look

As wedding approaches, eager-to-fit-in actress is nailing it!

meghan markle royal nail polish
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Mike Walker reports….  Gossipy grrrls can’t barely believe it — but still-chillin’ bride-in-waiting Meghan Markle abruptly dumped all the sparkly, crackly, trendy, multi-hued nail polish she loves wearing!

The soon-to-be duchess now vows to remain royally loyal to that famously dignified regal shade known in Brit upper classes as “Ballet Slipper!”

Pooped a Palace Tattler: “Constantly keeping her ‘commoner ears’ acutely attuned to castle chitchat, Meghan was informed by ranking femmes in Prince Harry’s fam — notably future in-laws Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton — that she should be wearing only one particularly natural-looking hue of the palest pink!”

Meghan Markle: Royal Copycat Out To Be The New Diana!

Desperately determined to fit tight-‘n-right and gain royal approval, the ex-Hollywood hustler instantly ordered a case of the Queenie/Princess/Duchess-approved lacquer, which — not so ironically — is the fave shade for Brit brides on their wedding day!”

Stroke it smooth, Grrrrl!