Lit Up!

John Mellencamp Miserable Over Making Meg Happy

Cigarettes come between celebrity couple!

john mellencamp meg ryan dating

Meg Ryan still has one big fear after mending fences with country singer John Mellencamp.

She’s convinced that the 66-year-old “Jack & Diane” singer will keel over with a heart attack from his smoking habit.

The 56-year-old “When Harry Met Sally” beauty tried to get the crooning chimney to quit cold turkey, but a source reported that idea was doomed.

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Now, said the insider, she’s made him promise to only light up five cigarettes a day.

John, however, is having a hard time with the limit.

“He shakes like a leaf and gets all moody,” the insider claimed — adding: “She’s threatened to leave him over his chain-smoking, but she probably won’t. She’s crazy about the guy!”