HOLLYWOOD legend Meryl Streep is springing for a second honeymoon for her recently divorced daughter and her ex-hubby – because the three-time Oscar winner is desperate for them to get back together and make her a grandma!

Meryl’s daughter, actress Mamie Gummer, 30, and Broadway star Benjamin Walker, 31, split up less than two years after their splashy 2011 wedding.

Meryl was heartsick,” a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER. “She absolutely adores Ben and still considers him part of the family. But when the marriage crumbled, so did Meryl’s dream of becoming a grandmother.”

Despite the divorce, Meryl – now starring in “August: Osage County” – continued to invite Ben to family functions. And before long, the former couple were showing up to events together AND leaving together.

“Meryl couldn’t have been happier,” said the source. “Then she went in for the kill. She asked them both to meet her for lunch recently in New York and presented them with an early Christmas present – a two-week, all-expense-paid trip to Italy.

“Meryl told them they needed to get away alone. She begged them to consider the vows they once took and give their love a second chance.

“Meryl’s hoping a second honeymoon will give Mamie and Ben the chance to rediscover their true love and help them put the past behind them. And deep down, she’s hoping that the trip will eventually lead to baby news!”