Meat Loaf Dead: Singer Dies Detesting Prince Andrew!

The rock icon went to his grave loathing Britain’s arrogant prince.

Meatload dead
Tammie Arroyo/MEGA

Larger-than-life rock icon Meat Loaf went to his grave loathing Britain’s arrogant Prince Andrew, who’s just been stripped of his royal honors in an explosive sex scandal linked to his late pervert pal, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The 74-year-old “Bat Out of Hell” singer, who passed away on Jan. 21 after catching COVID, clashed with the now 61-year-old prince the only time they ever crossed paths.

The “Heaven Can Wait” singer revealed he was confronted by livid Andrew while filming a 1987 performance for a royal charity event. Andrew blasted the rocker for “flirting” with his then-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Instead of cowering before the angry prince, the former football player from Texas grabbed Andrew by the throat and threatened to push him into a nearby moat!

Recognizing he was about to have his butt kicked, the cowardly duke, now in court accused of raping a 17-year-old who says she’s a former Epstein sex slave, immediately tried to claim royal privilege. But pre-heated Meat Loaf was having none of it!

Witnesses claim the panicked prince blustered, “You can’t touch me. I’m royal.” But raging Meat Loaf, whose real name was Marvin Lee Aday, growled: “’I don’t give a s*** who you are’ before hurling him away like a rag doll — and luckily for Andrew — narrowly missing the moat,” the witness claims.

Prince andrew jeffrey epstein

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. Photo Credit: MEGA

“The prince learned pretty quickly Marvin was nobody to mess with,” a source dishes. “He was a good-ole-boy used to throwing his weight around when he needed to, and he was ready to sack Andrew like a high-school quarterback.”

Andrew aside, the entertainer said he had a “great time” working with the royals, but Queen Elizbeth never forgave him for pushing her petulant kid around.

“Fergie wasn’t exactly flirting with me, but she was paying attention to me, and I think Andrew got a little – I could be wrong, I’m just reading into this – I think he got a little jealous,” the singer recalled a couple of years before his death.

“Anyway, he tried to push me in the water. He tried to push me in the moat.

“I said: ‘Well you tried to push me in the moat, Jack, I don’t give a s*** who you are, you’re going in the moat!’”