Silent Treatment!

Mayim Bialik Shuts Up — On Doctor’s Orders

Dire diagnosis puts a sock in chatty actress's piehole!

mayim bialik voice silence health
Getty Images/Instagram

Mayim Bialik is going to be a lot quieter after docs ordered “The Big Bang Theory” actress to go silent for a month to heal her strained vocal cords.

The former child star (“Blossom”), who plays brainy nerd Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit CBS sitcom, posted a video on social media with her 11-year-old son Miles speaking the message she typed on a computer.

“This is my son, Miles, talking,” she writes.

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“I sprained my vocal cords and I can’t speak — it really sucks. So we’re having a silent video.”

She also posted a photo of herself in the doc’s office with the caption: “Can’t speak for a month. Yup.”

No word on how “Big Bang” bigwigs plan to use a silent Mayim for the coming season.