Maurice Gibb’s Secret Love Child

British singer wants DNA test to prove his claim!

Nick maurice dna

A british crooner hopes to find out how deep Maurice Gibb’s love actually went!

Nick Endacott, a london-based musician, is begging to take a DNA test — after being told he is the ­secret lovechild of late Bee Gee Maurice Gibb!

He is so anxious to find out the truth that he has appealed to Maurice’s brother, Barry Gibb, the lone-surviving member of the group, to help confirm it!

Endacott, who was adopted as a baby after being given away, bears a striking resemblance to the late singer.

He says his aunt told him that he is the son of Maurice and has even undertaken three facial recognition tests to support his claim!

The 49-year-old Endacott also resembles Maurice’s 41-year-old son Adam, signaling there is a high probability the two men are related.

“My aunt told me that Patti (Nick’s birth mother) had told her Maurice Gibb was my biological father,” said Endacott. “I was gobsmacked. It was the last thing I expected.”

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After reuniting as adults, Endacott’s mother told him she had worked in the music industry alongside many famous artists.

Yvonne Gibb, Maurice’s widow, withdrew permission for the DNA test to take place after originally giving Endacott her blessing.

She and her two ­children with Maurice were left a huge estate containing six homes and all ownership to the supergroup’s compositions and copyrights.

Meanwhile, the musician has already written three letters to Barry, begging for his help in the matter.

“I’m not interested in money and as I was legally adopted I would have no claim. I just want to find out who my real dad is,” said Endacott. “I have a right to know.”