Matthew McConaughey’s Playing With Fire!

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is in the doghouse over his growing friendship with sexy co-star Scarlett Johansson — and that has Matt’s wife barking mad!    

The 46-year-old “Interstellar” star has an “undeniable bond” with pillow-lipped beauty Scarlett, 31, insiders told The National ENQUIRER, despite the fact they’re both married!

The pair recently teamed up for a sultry new Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign, after both signed on for the upcoming animated comedy “Sing.” 

Since then, they’ve become close pals who communicate regularly outside of work. 

That’s infuriated Matt’s wife of three years, Brazilian model Camila Alves, who’s also mom to the actor’s three children: Levi, 7, Vida, 5, and Livingston, 2. 

“These two could talk for hours, they’re like two peas in a pod when they get together,” a snitch told The ENQUIRER. “Camila tolerated (it) at first, but lately she’s been finding it creepy and irritating. 

“She’s told Matt that it’s hypocritical because there’s no way in hell that he’d approve of her getting close to a good-looking guy. 

“He’s on the phone to Scarlett a lot; there’s an undeniable bond between them and they’ve met privately on several occasions.  

“Camila’s not happy about it at all, and she’s told Matt in no uncertain terms to cut it out!” 

According to the second source, Matt has tried to appease his feisty spouse by suggesting they go on double dates with Scarlett and her husband of one year, French writer Romain Dauriac, 33. 

“She turned that suggestion down flat,” spilled the insider, adding Camila sees Scarlett, who plays Black Widow in “The Avengers,” as a potentially poisonous rival.  

“She clearly has it in her head that Scarlett’s been flirting with Matt and sees her as a threat, even if they’re both happily married.” 

Added the informant: “It’s a real shame from Scarlett’s point of view, because she thinks the world of Matthew and loves his company as a friend and would be open to getting to know Camila, too.

“But Camila’s made it clear she doesn’t feel their friendship is appropriate, so she has no choice but to back off and keep her distance.”