Matt Leblanc: Under Pressure!

MATT LEBLANC’s long­time girlfriend is tired of waiting for a marriage proposal, and she’s telling pals she’ll do ANYTHING to get the former “Friends” star to pop the question!

The 46-year-old actor has been dating Andrea Anders, 38, since 2006, when they worked together on his “Friends” spinoff, “Joey.” But even though the two have been living together for some time, Matt hasn’t shown any inclination to make things official.

“Andrea’s fed up with Matt dragging his heels about getting engaged,” said a source. “She wants to have a baby with him ASAP, and she’s ready to do just about anything to get him to propose.”

According to the source, Andrea told one friend she’s so des­perate she’s considered in­venting a fake secret admirer to help light a fire under her beau. She’s also thought  about dragging him into a jewelry store to check out rings.

“Andrea’s at the end of her rope with Matt,” said the source. “She loves him but she feels like she’s not the most important thing in his life.”

Matt has been keeping busy with his 10-year-old daughter, Marina, from his marriage to Melissa McKnight, as well as filming his Golden Globe-winning role on the Showtime sitcom “Episodes.” An­drea feels like a distant third, says the source. Andrea has pointed out that she’s stuck by Matt through tough times, adds the source – including in 2010, after British actress Holly Magrath claimed she’d had a fling with the actor.

Andrea’s said she feels Matt owes her, explained the source. “She feels like she’s waited long enough and wants to be more than just his longtime girlfriend.”