Peacock Net’s biggest Peacocks – MATT LAUER & BRAIN WILLIAMS reportedly AT WAR!

“NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams and “Today” anchor Matt Lauer — rivals for the big exclusive interviews, and to curry  with top management — are feuding, according to a new report.

When the “Today” show aired excerpts of Williams’ interview with NSA whistleblower/traitor Edward Snowden, Williams refused to intro’ the PR segs, sources said, which would normally be his to do. Andrea Mitchell intro’d the Snowden ballyhoo instead

“It was a great promotional opportunity, but Williams wouldn’t go on ‘Today’ even for his own interview,” an insider told The New York Post’s Page Six. “He wants nothing to do with ‘Today.’”

NBC insiders quickly denied there’s any feuding the two news journos, claiming  Williams was uplate in the editing bay, cutting nearly five hours of footage of the Snowden sitdown.

“Brian was booked on ‘Today,’ but at 2am the night before, when it became clear he would not get home anytime soon, he wrote his friends Matt and Savannah (Guthrie), show co-host] personally to . . . apologize for bailing.”

But another network insider says feelings have been raw since the new NBC news exec Deborah Turness, took charge, giving all of her attention to helping Lauer and the “Today” show battle with GMA  in the ratings.

“Brian feels like an orphan,” the insider said.

Let‘s hope he doesn’t go all Oliver TWIST on Lauer. That would be the Dickens!