MATT GROENING’s mother who was the inspiration for TV’s MARGE SIMPSON has passed at 94.

Margaret Ruth Groening, who achieved worldwide fame as the inspiration for cartoonist son Matt's Groening’s iconic characters in TV's long-running "The Simpsons" series, died in her sleep on April 22 in Portland, Ore reported in The Oregonian. A private obit paid for by family members said she was 94.

Born Margaret Wiggum in 1919, Groening was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants who met on the boat over to America.

According to the obit, "Margaret's highest honor was being named May Queen of Linfield College," from which she graduated in 1941 and married Homer Groening, "whom she chose because he made her laugh the most."

The real-life Marge and Homer had five children: Patty (who died in Jan. 2013), Mark, Matt, Lisa and Maggie, along with eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Homer died in 1996.

Most of those names are familiar to "Simpsons" fans –Matt Groening used nearly all for his beloved characters now known worldwide.

Although in a separate article, The Oregonian noted  Margaret Groening was never called "Marge".