Mike Walker

Matt Damon’s Torment Over In-Flight Fans

Movie star got too close and personal in first class!

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Mike Walker Reports… Shy Guy Matt Damon wished he’d never been “Bourne” when a ditzy duo of giggly Japanese fan-girl tourists got seated near him in first class on a Toronto-LA flight — and instantly began chanting nonstop: “Jason Bourne! … Jason Bourne! … JASON BOURNE!”

Said My Sympathetic SkySpy: “Matt tried to be polite, but grinned weakly when the gaga geisha-ettes kept bugging him, endlessly repeating their annoying mantra — until first class fliers complained to attendants.

“The Bourne-obsessed babes quieted down momentarily, but ramped up again until their grumpy stews lost patience and escorted the chanting chicks to a celeb-free area known as coach!”