'60s Shocker!

Mary Tyler Moore — Smiling With A Satanic Cult

Beloved star was duped by evil church that influenced Manson!


Here’s a side of Mary Tyler Moore that fans likely never saw before — holding up the radical newsletter of a notorious Satanic cult!

The National ENQUIRER obtained this shocking 1967 photo of the beloved star in London, with Mary smiling next to a man while displaying a copy of “Process Magazine” — the in-house publication of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, with its swastika-styled logo on the cover!

Mary clearly didn’t know she’s holding “The Sex Issue,” featuring articles on “sex magick” honoring the cult’s Three Great Gods: Jehovah, Satan and Lucifer!

“It’s absolutely clear that poor Mary was duped into endorsing the Process Church – having no idea it was an evil cult!” a source told The ENQUIRER .

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“Certainly it was a coup for the church to get Mary to pose for this photo, possibly for their own recruiting purposes – because she personified the sweet girl-next-door in America, and the type of individual the cult would like to brainwash!”

At the time of this trip, Mary was only 31, and the Process Church was just beginning to infiltrate the U .S. with its message that Christ and Satan will reconcile at the end of the world and pass judgment on humanity.

Vincent Bugliosi — the prosecutor in the Manson Family murder trial — believed the members were a strong influence on Charles Manson. The church was also able to establish close ties to other Hollywood stars flirting with Satanism – including Sammy Davis, Jr. and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield!