Mary Tyler Moore

TV legend MARY TYLER MOORE is bravely facing the end, friends fear.

Ravaged by a decades-long battle with diabetes, the beloved 75-year-old star is going blind, has difficulty walking and suffers from life-threatening heart and kidney problems, sources say.

“Poor Mary is not doing well at all. It’s heartbreaking to see her so weak,” a longtime pal told The ENQUIRER.

“Her health has been decliningfor years and with the way things have been going recently, it almost looks like she won’t live out the year.”

The 5-foot-7 actress has lost more than 20 pounds in the last couple of years and is down to a frail 95 pounds, according to the source.

“Mary’s become positively skel­etal,” said the source.

“You can see it in her face, where the skin has become taut. And she eats very little these days.”

Mary is often confined to a wheel­chair and spends most of her time at home in Greenwich, Conn., where her husband of 28 years, Dr. Robert Levine, 57, keeps a close eye on her, the pal added.

“Mary has severe mobility prob­lems now,” the pal divulged.

“Her blood circulation is very poor due to her diabetes. She’s also prone to infections and is at severe risk for a heart attack.”

The once-perky star – who won Emmys as Laura Petrie on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and Mary Richards on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” – looked frightening­ly feeble on Jan. 7 when she flew from New York to Los Angeles to attend former co-star Betty White’s 90th birthday party.

“After she got off the plane at LAX, Mary was very wobbly,” an eyewit­ness revealed. “They whisked a wheelchair right over to her and wheeled her out of the termi­nal.”

 Mary was first di­agnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 33 and managed to stay healthy for years. But friends fear her time is running out.

She underwent risky surgery last May to re­move a benign brain tumor that had become wrapped around her optic nerve, possibly causing more of her vi­sion loss.

Two days later, doctors rushed her back into surgery to control bleeding in her brain.

And in early Novem­ber, she was hospitalized with a grave diabetic condition where poten­tially fatal acids build up in the blood and urine.

With so many health issues, her friend concluded: “I think Mary is living on borrowed time.”