MARY KATE OLSEN remains devas­tated over the death of her beloved HEATH LEDGER suffering an emo­tional breakdown when she col­lapsed in tears on a gritty downtown Manhattan street, sources say.
The heart-wrenching moment,  captured on film by stunned passerbys, unfolded on July 6, just blocks from the $23,000-a-month rental apartment where Australian hunk Ledger succumbed to a drug overdose in January 2008.
“Seeing Mary-Kate in such agony was terribly sad,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.
“She was curled up almost in a ball on a dirty stoop outside a store. Her face was buried in her hands and she was shaking uncontrollably as a male friend struggled to calm her down.
“Unfortunately, he could do little to con­sole Mary-Kate. All her emotions just seemed to bubble out at once. She ap­peared completely distraught.”
A second eyewitness told The ENQUIRER: “Mary- Kate just seemed to crumble. She was crying and shaking, while mumbling something to her friend.”
While Mary-Kate has built a billion-dollar business empire with her twin sister Ashley, the former “Full House” cutie’s personal life has been a shambles since Ledger passed away, sources say.
 “Mary-Kate simply hasn’t been able to find a guy who measures up to her memory of Heath,” divulged a close friend of the petite star.
“She’s famous, wealthy and successful, but she can’t seem to hold on to a man and suffered an emotional breakdown as a result. She constantly wonders where she and Heath might be today if he hadn’t died.”
Despite her heart­break, Mary-Kate, 25, has managed to focus on the fashion empire she’s created with her sister – the two recently launched their own line of pricey luxury handbags.
And six days after her dramatic collapse, Mary-Kate was in much better spirits at New York’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant.
“She has to move on,” said her pal. “It’s as if Heath is holding her back from the grave. She needs to break loose from that grip if she’s ever to find true love and lasting happiness.”