Domestic diva flagship springs leak and now MARTHA STEWART is heading to TV land’s briny deep — CANCELED!

Martha’s empire building TV show “The Martha Stewart Show,” will close up shop at the end of the broadcast season in April.

The show was a victim of poor ratings, The New York Post reported.

Hallmark Channel informed Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that the economics of the show in its current form just “ain’t making it” given the tiny number of viewers.

Now, The ENQUIRER has learned that  Martha’s TV family is planning a lavish Oprah-style send off for the program, according to production sources.

One of the problems for the show was that production costs had skyrocketed.

Another is the fact that macramé making isn’t what it used to be.

But, Martha, ever the optimist, may be plotting to reinvent herself – possibly as a TV producer pitching a show detailing the misadventures of a domestic diva behind bars.

We’d like to see THAT!

Chop, chop, ladies!