Disturbing Twist!

Marilyn Monroe Lost Her Baby After Years Of Commie-Hunter Harassment!

New TV show 'National Enquirer Investigates' exposes the scandal!

Marilyn monroe commie hunt
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As hardcore Communist hunters kept turning the screws on her husband, Marilyn Monroe suffered the most terrible tragedy of her life — she lost Arthur Miller‘s baby, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal. This revelation and more are part of the explosive upcoming series National Enquirer Investigates, premiering on REELZ Channel this Saturday night.

The couple’s idyllic second honeymoon in picturesque Amagansett, New York, was shattered on August 1, 1957, when the pregnant movie star doubled over in agony. To get his wife the best care possible, Miller rushed Monroe to Doctor’s Hospital 100 miles away in New York City.

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Sadly, they lost the baby. The official word was Monroe had an ectopic pregnancy – and the couple put on a brave face for the world.

But behind the scenes, the famous couple blamed the miscarriage on the stress of their constant surveillance by government snoops determined to prove they were hiding Communist ties.

“Both Marilyn and Arthur were very vocal about what they saw as the government’s role in the tragedy,” a friend revealed. “They told anyone who listened, including the FBI’s usual informants.”

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Not surprisingly, no mention of Marilyn’s miscarriage – or how they blamed the Feds for losing their child – appears in her official government file. Insiders say it was scrubbed clean on Herbert Hoover‘s orders.

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