"My baby’s gone. How can I go on?

That was Marie Osmond‘s heartbroken cry after learning her tormented 18-year-old son Michael had committed suicide – and now worried family members have put the devastated star on a suicide watch.

Family friends have told The ENQUIRER that despite his devoted mom’s efforts to help, Michael’s lifelong battle with depression and issues with his sexuality drove him to jump to his death from the eighth floor of his apartment building in downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 26.

"I think Michael was distraught because he was conflicted over his sexuality and didn’t believe he could ever come out as a gay man to his religious Mormon family," said a family insider.

Marie, who suffered from post-partum depression and attempted suicide in 2006 with prescription drugs, may try something desperate again, her family and friends fear.

"The family has placed what amounts to a suicide watch on Marie."

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