Marie Osmond To Join The View?

Talk show wanna-be MARIE OSMOND is desperate to land a spot on “the View”, say sources, AND dump her brother Donny and their long-running Las Vegas show.

The 54-year-old entertainer has already tried being a TV talker twice – in 2012 on the Hallmark Channel and in a twoyear run that ended in 2000.

Now, she’s “got her heart set on getting a hosting gig” on 'The View 'and “I think she’s got a great chance at it,” says a source.

When Marie heard Barbara Walters was leaving The View, the entertainer reportedly got on the phone with her reps and begged them to approach friends at ABC.

“At first, execs weren’t sure they would consider Marie because they wanted to make an offer to Katie Couric,” says a source. “But the powers at ABC said it would be left up to Barbara, and Walters really likes Marie. Barbara has been impressed with Marie ever since she went to Utah in the late ’70s and interviewed Marie.”

Pals says landing a spot on "The View" would take a lot of pressure off hardworking Marie, who goes on tour in addition to appearing in Vegas. The steady gig would also be good for her health, pals say. The mom of seven kids, four adopted, has suffered scary collapses, including a 2007 drama on "Dancing with the Stars". Also, heart issues run in the family. Her mom, Olive, died of a stroke.

“Marie’s got a few health issues going on. She loves the stage and performing, but she understands that she’s got to make some changes,” a source says. “The Vegas show she does with Donny tires her out. She puts an awful lot of energy into it and she’s just about run her course.

“The woman is tired and needs a change.” And with "The View" cleaning house sans Whoppi Goldberg there'’s room now for the ever-popular Marie.

Another source adds: “This job on "The View" really means a lot to Marie. “She’s phoned up all the family and asked us all to pray that she gets it. She’s a BIG believer.”