MARIAH CAREY been rocked by terrifying new health fears – her twins risk inheriting the same dead­ly disease that afflicts their father NICK CANNON, top docs warn.

Mariah’s husband recently revealed that he’s suffering from lupus nephritis, a disease that attacks the kidneys.

Experts confirm the “America’s Got Talent” host could have passed the autoimmune and potentially life-threatening ailment to Nick and Mariah’s be­loved 11 month old toddlers, Moroccan and Monroe.

The revelation thather babies are at risk has devastated the 43-year-old Grammy-winning songbird, insiders say.

“Mariah is beside herself with worry,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s terrified that one or both of the twins will be stricken with the disease. She’s keeping a close eye on them for symptoms.

“Meanwhile, she’s afraid that the worst is yet to come with Nick. He’s already endured tons of tests and pain. And with his schedule, Mariah is particularly concerned about the possibility of a heart attack.”

Nick, 31, was first hospitalized with “mild” kidney failure in January and then again on Feb. 10 because of potentially life-threatening blood clots in his lungs and an enlarged heart ventricle.

In early March he revealed he’s suffering from lupus nephritis, which affects up to 40 percent of people with lupus. The cause of lupus is unknown, and there is no known cure.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Mariah was panic-stricken over Nick’s health issues and was thinking about threatening to end their marriage unless he cut back on his work commitments.

He’s quit his morning CBS Radio show, but he still hosts his syndicated radio show “Cannon’s Countdown.”

“Nick has also continued to perform stand-up comedy and he oversees every aspect of ‘America’s Got Talent,’” said the source. “He’s a workaholic. He loves what he does and he doesn’t know when to stop.”

While Mariah’s rep insisted that “the babies are fine” and “Nick is doing well,” a leading expert agrees that Mariah’s concerns for both her husband and their children are valid.

“Lupus can affect a number of organs, including the heart, lungs, kidneys and brain. Left untreated, it can lead to death,” Dr. Jason Theodosakis, a noted Tucson, Ariz.- based arthritis specialist, told The ENQUIRER.

And the possibility of the twins contracting it is very real.

“Lupus certainly can be inherited,” Dr. Alan Ackermann, a board-certified cardiologist and founder of the Aventura Institute for Cardiovascu­lar Wellness in Florida, told The ENQUIRER.

Duane Peters of the Washington, D.C.-based Lupus Foundation of America added: “Lupus can attack babies, causing congenital heart problems which can be fatal.”

And THAT’s Mariah’s greatest fear.

“Dealing with Nick’s medical crisis is bad enough, but Mariah’s world would shatter if anything happened to her babies,” said the source. “They’re her whole life.”