Mariah Carey Is Suicidal & Insane, Brother Claims

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In a blockbuster interview with The National ENQUIRER, MARIAH CAREY’s own brother revealed he’s terrified the singer has spiraled into a pill-popping nightmare of mental illness and alcohol abuse!

“My worst fear is that she’ll die just like Whitney Houston!” Morgan Carey declared. “She does not have a support system, and she is not mentally capable.”

Morgan claimed his shattered sister is suicidal, a danger to her own children and battling to maintain her sanity as she mixes booze with a potentially deadly cocktail of prescription medications!

He also blasted Mariah’s money-hungry handlers for endangering her life by allowing her to guzzle wine and champagne like it was water.

“We were in Mariah’s trailer … and she was talking about Whitney running around holding a crack pipe,” he said. “Mariah was like, ‘I felt so bad for [Whitney], she’s such a f—ing mess.’ I think back to that conversation, and realize it should have been Mariah’s wake-up call!”

Listen to Morgan speak about Mariah’s dangerous drink and drug mix and her eccentric behavior, as told to RadarOnline, an ENQUIRER sister site, in the video below.

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