Mike Walker

Mariah Carey & Fiancé Still Feuding Over Nick Cannon

Insiders say that James Packer has good reason to be worried!

mariah carey james packer nick cannon feud
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Mike Walker Reports… Burning on a short fuse after days of brutal headlines about her sister’s prostitution arrest, Mariah Carey was in no mood for drama from new-ish billionaire boyfriend James Packer — who suddenly started screaming as she giggled over clips of longtime love Nick Cannon on “America’s Got Talent!”

That had Mega-Diva flat-out exploding right back at her flush fiancé!

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Said a Mimi pal: “Mariah’s probably not even aware of how much she talks about Nick in front of James, and James is sick of it — so he was livid when he found her watching Nick on his TV show.

“Mariah keeps hearing from pals how Nick whimpers he’s ‘broken’ over their breakup — and she’s still nuts about him! No question they’ll be back together, hot and heavy!”