‘Superman’ Star Margot Kidder Dead At 69 Years Old

Sudden end for troubled actress who found fame as Lois Lane!

margot kidder dead superman obituary

Margot Kidder — who found fame as Lois Lane alongside Christopher Reeve in the ’70s and ’80s “Superman” films — died on May 13 at her home in Livingston, Montana.

Margot had recently phoned in to “The Drew and Mike Show” in Detroit on May 9 to promote an upcoming appearance at Motor City Comic Con, and told the hosts she was “in bed with flu” because she’s “puking every hour and a half.”

The troubled star had been working steadily after recovering from a shocking 1996 scandal where she was found rambling and “looking like she was homeless” in a stranger’s backyard.

Margot was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In 2002, the Canadian-born beauty once again had to make another comeback after nearly losing her life in a metal-mangling car accident. Her dogs, Zelda and Pierre, were thrown clear of the wreck and ran off to summon help.

Her death comes nearly a year after that of her first husband John Heard — but she separated from  the volatile “Home Alone” star after only six days of marriage in 1979. The couple briefly tried renewing their romance after her breakdown.

She later had a daughter, Maggie, during her marriage to playwright Thomas McGuane — but told The ENQUIRER in 2016: “I’ve been married and divorced three times. I was so disastrous at romance that I’m better off with dogs!”

Margot was also a busy political activist, and was even arrested at the White House in  2011.

A cause of death has not been disclosed.