Tax Problems!

A-Lister Panic As Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Gets Busted

Heather Locklear's ex is sitting on secrets!

marc mani plastic surgeon irs sentence
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A tax-dodging Hollywood plastic surgeon is headed to the slammer — and his A-list clients are terrified he’ll sell them out to raise cash!

“Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood are quaking in their boots!” a source spilled.

Dr. Marc Mani — the surgeon who not only dated, but also treated TV trainwreck Heather Locklear — was sentenced to a year behind bars on Sept. 17.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery — The Changing Faces Of Fame!

The 50-year-old scofflaw was convicted of hiding more than $1 million from Uncle Sam while practicing on the rich in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Now, insiders charge that the desperate and destitute doc could be looking to cash in on his client list.

Sources are even saying Mani, who bills himself as the “Surgeon to the Stars,” may be trying to peddle photos of possible celebrity patients!