Magic Man Siegfried’s Heart Op Miracle

Retired magician saved by mauled pal Roy Horn’s doctor.

Magic Man Siegfried Fischbacher’s Heart Op Miracle Siegfried and Roy
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Legendary Las Vegas illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher pulled off the ultimate magic act — escaping certain death!

A visit to a doctor in Germany for ailing partner Roy Horn saved Siegfried’s life — when it was revealed the artery in his heart was 95 percent blocked!

“Siegfried is lucky to be alive,” said a source. “He would have almost certainly died if he hadn’t been treated by Roy’s doctor!”

As National ENQUIRER readers know, Siegfried, 80, has often accompanied his close friend, Roy, 74, to their native country to receive experimental treatments to heal his body after it was ravaged by a tiger attack during a performance in 2003.

But during one visit, Roy’s doctor gave Siegfried a shot that sparked a frightening reaction!

“Suddenly, I felt dizzy and I had severe pain in my left arm and felt strong pressure in my chest,” Siegfried recalled.

He was then rushed to a Munich clinic where he underwent a three-and-a-half-hour emergency procedure. Siegfried revealed he has suffered a heart condition since childhood and that he was not expected to survive.

“The guy up there gave me a new life.”