‘Psycho Mom’ Madonna Wants Her Kid In Military School!

Madonna is battling over custody of her teenage son Rocco while putting on some strange displays via Instagram!

In fact, some of those strange displays on Instagram might explain why 15-year-old Rocco is eager to live with his dad — director Guy Ritchie!

“Rocco wants to be a normal kid, and he can get to be that with his dad,” said an insider.

“But now Madonna is offended that he isn’t into being an artist, and is even thinking that military school will straighten him out!”

That’s left even some of Madonna’s own relations baffled by the pop diva’s logic — especially since the rock star used to praise her son’s independent spirit!

“Her daughter Lourdes was with Madonna over the holidays, and thought everything was perfectly normal — except that Rocco was insisting on staying with Guy!

“But the truth is that Madonna has been putting on some strange displays that are making her seem more like a psycho mom!”

That includes a recent spate of embarrassing Instagram posts from Madonna’s “Rebel Hearts” concert tour this year, including one pic of an uncomfortable Rocco done up in drag (seen above).

And despite there being a Manhattan custody hearing over Rocco set on the calendar, Madonna is still indulging her own bizarre behavior — including a recent bizarre pic of her showing off her healing therapy that includes suction cups (inset photo).

“Take Me with all of my beautiful scars,” she wrote on the Instagram post.

“Between that pic and the bizarre ones of Rocco,” said the insider, “Madonna might be Instagramming herself out of being a parent to Rocco — which will suit him just fine!”