Mike Walker

Madonna Movie Has Diva In A Lather Over Paris Jackson

Michael's daughter cast as the 'Material Girl'?

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Mike Walker Reports… that Madonna is freaking out at the idea of Paris Jackson playing her!

The iconic singer exploded into “fifty shades of furious” because word’s leaked that Universal and “Fifty Shades of Grey” producer Michael De Luca are gonna publicly spank her booty by filming an unauthorized flick about her kinky years in gritty NY City, my insiders squealed.

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But here’s the worst part: “The bosses are sniffing at Paris Jackson to play Madonna — once Michael Jackson’s squeeze!

Madonna’s furious! She does not want Paris playing her — especially since she and the teen’s dad ended their romance openly despising each other!

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As to a sneaky-peeky movie, she sneers: ‘Only I can tell my story! Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool!’”

As for despising the “Fifty Shades” folks, Madge snarled: “It’s pulp fiction! It’s not very sexy … maybe for someone who has never had sex before!” (ow!) … And how was your week?