Disgraced slugger Alex Rodriguez crawls back to ex-wife, infuriating Madonna!

According to sources, the Queen of Middle Age pop is livid at her Yankee boy-toy after he came out of the closet and confessed to steroid usage in Baseball’s Biggest Scandal since Black Sox threw the 1919 World Series!

"Madge is pissed!" an insider told the NY Daily News.

"Alex ran right home to Cynthia, and to Madonna, this is the ultimate dis."

A-Rod admitted to steroid use when he was with the Texas Rangers after being outed by slugger Jose Canseco.

Meanwhile A-Rod’s not been too happy with PR hungry Madge who’s been burning up the internet with hottie 22 years old Brazilian model Jesus Luz.

But Rodriguez’s no slouch himself being snapped with a bevy of beauties while boo-hooing on ex-Cynthia’s shoulder in Coral Gables.

"Madge is totally making a play to get him back," the insider divulged. "She feels like she’s losing him, but Alex is only with Cynthia for comfort.

"Plus, he’s afraid she’ll talk!"