Junk-Filled Trunk?

Madonna Shocks Fans With Freakishly Bulbous Booty

Social-media followers agog over bulging buttocks!

madonnabutt implants plastic surgery
Files/Getty Images

Madonna making a surprise appearance and performing at local bar on New Year’s Eve was bound to draw attention — but almost all the talk centered on the fact that her butt was huge!

In a must-see video of the impromptu Dec. 31 performance at New York City’s Stonewall Inn viewable at RadarOnline, Madge presents a side-view of herself boasting a booty of truly unusual size.

Madonna sang an acoustic version of her hit “Like a Prayer” and covered Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in the mini-gig, backed up by her teen-aged son David Banda on guitar.

“Real question: Did Madonna get butt implants,” one person tweeted, according to The Blast.

Essential Goals Media tweeted “Madonna’s Mysteriously Maximized Cakes Raise Incredulous Eyebrows On NYE.”

An official video distributed on Madonna’s Instagram and Twitter feeds, meanwhile, only shows only the full-frontal view only.