Madonna And Sean Penn Back On!

Madonna and sean penn getty

After being dumped by CHARLIZE THERON, volatile and violent SEAN PENN is gearing up for round two with ex-wife Madonna – after her 14-year-old son, Rocco, played Cupid!

The guys bonded when Rocco accompanied Sean, 54, on a 2013 humanitarian trip to Haiti, and the boy considers him a second dad, sources said.

“Within a day of the breakup, Rocco was calling Sean, begging him to ask his mom out,” an insider revealed. “Sean’s always loved Madonna. He thinks she’s the only woman strong enough to handle him. They’re planning a vacation together with Rocco before her tour begins in September.”

The Material Girl, 56, dated a string of boytoys after splitting from Rocco’s dad, British director Guy Ritchie.

“Monster” star Charlize dated Sean for nearly two years before their sudden split in June.

Madonna has called Sean – her husband from 1985 to 1989 – the love of her life, and sources said Rocco feels Sean is better suited to her.

Maybe he’s unaware of reports of Sean’s legendary outbursts that include hitting Madonna in the head with a baseball bat in 1987, and tying her up and holding her hostage for nine hours in 1988!

The source added: “Not everyone in Madonna’s camp thinks reconciliation with Sean is a good idea. Her daughter, Lourdes, is wary of his violent past and out-of-control temper.”