The media world has been agog with reports of Madonna’s impending divorce from director Guy Ritchie.

Not true, claims Madge’s numero uno flack Liz Rosenberg.

"There are no divorce plans," Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s publicist emailed to news agency Reuters.

The frenzy reached a fever pitch as Guy jetted to New York to:
a) try and patch things together with Madge

b) hang out

c) Or…????

According to local tabs, alleged lover Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees was making late night visitations to lover Madge.

Things really got hairy when the UK Daily Mirror devoted two whole pages of steamy innuendo as both Madge and Ritchie met with respective divorce lawyers.

Reportedly, Madonna had met with barrister Fiona Shackleton who negotiated Paul McCartney‘s dissolution from Heather Mills.

The darn thing is just ’cause a publicist denies something doesn’t mean it’s not true.