Madam Heidi Gets The Flock Outta Town!

Notorious Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss
Madam Heidi Fleiss

Notorious Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss has vowed to fly her Nevada coop — after a cowardly creep shot one of her parrots in the leg with a BB gun!

The former hooker honcho, now 56, served 20 months in the slammer for tax -evasion in the ’90s after -peddling sex to celebrity horndogs — including -troubled train wreck Charlie Sheen.

But after the Tinseltown temptress cleaned up her act, she settled in Pahrump, about an hour west of Las Vegas, where she’s cared for dozens of parrots.

However, her feathers were ruffled last month when a birdbrained triggerman shot her colorful five-year-old macaw, Chuey, who suffered a shattered leg but is expected to recover.

“What kind of a sick f**k would shoot her while she was flying with her brother?” she squawks.

Fuming Fleiss says of the perpetrator, “I want to castrate him. I want them to get the death penalty.”

She also claims another of her parrots was pilfered last year but later recovered.

Now, the onetime meth head says she plans to nest in the Ozarks area of Missouri with her winged menagerie.

She chirps, “I hate to go, but it’s not fair to the birds to put them through this.”