AFTER a desperate battle to get off drugs, “Home Alone” star MACAULAY CULKIN is now destroying himself with cigarettes, say insiders.

The troubled 32-year-old actor is smoking an astonishing 60 ciga­rettes a day and putting his life at risk of deadly lung cancer!

“Mac has swapped out one deadly habit for another,” declared a con­cerned pal. “It’s a nightmare!”

Last August, The ENQUIRER re­vealed that the former child star was a heroin addict who also abused painkillers. Now, he’s said to be off heroin and trying to clean up his act, but he’s tragically relying on an­other life-threatening crutch.

“He’s put his nicotine addiction into overdrive,” revealed another friend. “Almost every time I see him, he has a cigarette dangling from his lips and is puffing furiously.”

IF MACAULAY, WHO FAVORS Marlboro cigarettes, doesn’t change his ways, he faces a bleak future, warn medical experts.

Dr. Jerome Spunberg, a Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., radiation oncologist, who has not treated Macaulay, told The ENQUIRER he has “30 times the risk” of dying from lung cancer than a nonsmoker.


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